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I've Got a New Life Goal

In my 20's I wanted that girl who worked down the hall at the radio station in Terre Haute.  We celebrate 40 years of marriage next month.

In my 30's I wanted my kids to behave at church and today THEY probably have the same worry.
In my 40's there was that who thing about staying (really getting) fit.  Never mind about the results of that goal.

In my 50's I wanted to keep all my teeth and not have a heart attack.  Lost one tooth and didn't have a heart attack except for that incident when the accountant said how much the taxes were one year.

I was having a problem coming up with a goal for my 60's until yesterday.  Now I'm set.  Bid letting for the Second Street Project is less than two years away!  My goal is to drive down a newly redone Second Street in Vincennes.  Think about it.  It that ever happens it means nobody has taken my drivers license away and the city has finally gotten that needed project completed. 

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04/19/2013 6:21AM
I've Got a New Life Goal
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04/19/2013 1:58PM
It's a new world
The world I grew up in has pasted. Very little time people have today to sit and talk on the porch. It is a world that moves very quickly. Hurry here and hurry there. Even our weekends are busy with sports or shopping. The Lord's Day is just another work day for many people. We don't pick the phone up and talk to someone, we text them or email. The technology of today is moving faster than I. By the time I figure out how to use my phone it is already outdated. Now that I am in my 60's, I reflect back to the 60's. I guess my goal today is having the abilities to survive in a high tech world. I will try to understand but don't scold me if I ask questions.
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