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I've Been Beaten to a Pulp

Wow.  Just got off the phone from the most gruff person I've ever talked with - been talked to, been pushed, been brow beaten, been belittled, been mentally hurt.

I got this official letter from the IRS - YOUR Internal Revenue Service - saying that I wouldn't get my refund until I added some more information I was worried.  The IRS doesn't have that good a reputation even to a guy who hasn't had to deal with them very often.  But I followed the letter - LTR 5071C - and went as instructed to the secured IRS website (the real web site I checked) and was immediately pushed out and told that I had to call a number - are you seeing a rat here?  Actually it was just a mean woman.

Her name was "003-00457-9814".  But I really think it was Miss Wassman from the first grade - reincarnated as 003-00457-9814.  It would be HER heaven.  It was MY hell - just like first grade.

This lady needed some additional information.  She told me all of my information, but asked a couple more questions.  It wasn't the questions.  It was the way she asked them.  I guess she must feel like the whipping girl for the entire IRS operation, but treating people like dirt won't help the IRS.  It won't help anyone or anything except maybe to teach me to ALWAYS treat people like I would like to be treated. 

Isn't there a rule about that somewhere?  Not at the IRS.  No sir!

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09/04/2013 8:17PM
I've Been Beaten to a Pulp
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