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I Was Ready

Wow did the City of Vincennes miss out when I didn't win the Mega Millions drawing last night.  Yep.  I gambled.  First time ever on the Mega Millions.  Took my one dollar saved from my allowance and plunked it down at the counter at Jay-C Foods all in an effort to help the city.  I had already guessed I would win about 300 Million Dollars after taxes and the cash option discount.  Probably enough to pay my bills, and leave a bit for the kids.  The rest?  Curbs and gutters for a bunch of city streets.  A fully funded "chair" for a full time street sweeper operator for the city.  Money to tear down all of the abandoned homes and business buildings in town.  And maybe there would be enough money left over to pay back taxes for people who can't pay them and deserve some help and some to get needy students through school.  But I didn't win.  Can you"pay forward" dreams?  Probably only to yourself.  Well then...Merry Christmas Mark and thanks.  I wonder what the Powerball jackpot is right now?

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12/18/2013 6:21AM
I Was Ready
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12/19/2013 12:00AM
I was ready
Actually, you were about a hundered million high on what you'd clear.
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