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I-STEP Test Results

The I-Step student testing results have been finally released.  You can read about them at, hear responses from school officials at WZDM fm92.1 and online at  And you can discuss them with all kinds of people.  Schools have tested students since the one room days, but now many of us wait on the edge of our seats for the results of the I-Step tests.  Why now?  Because they mean so much to students, teachers, and even the whole community.

If students fail the tests, they have to attend classes to get through the tests later.  If teachers and administrators work at schools with low scores they may lose their jobs and any pay increases.  If a community has poorly performing schools they may not be able to land certain new businesses.

But this year, the I-Step testing program was rife with problems - technical listed the most.  Students - thousands of them - were dropped from the computer systems designed at millions of dollars to test them, their teachers, and their communities.  Millions of Dollars.  The system failed over and over again.  Millions of Dollars.  There were fingers pointed and studies made.  There was blame firmly put on the supplier - who didn't pay for its "crime".  Who paid?  Students, Teachers, Schools, and Communities.

Forget the scores - good and bad.  Wait until next year.  Then believe them - a little.

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09/19/2013 6:26AM
I-STEP Test Results
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