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How Important?

How important is Good Samaritan Hospital to Vincennes and the surrounding area?  Important.  Drive by the place.  Look at the investment in equipment and buildings.  Drive behind the buildings and look at the employee parking.  Very important.

Still need convincing?  Last night the Hospital Board approved the long rumored purchase of the former Northside Pharmacy building to consolidate its patient billing operation.  Good use of a nice building, but the most interesting thing to me came from Hospital President Rob McLin who reported on WZDM News that 60 billing employees would be housed in that building.

Sixty people collecting money for services.  That's a really large number of people.  We get all excited about new businesses that may employ a few people coming to town and while those businesses all add together to help keep our economy going, one department of GSH makes those expansions look a bit smaller.

How important is GSH?  Very.  And that doesn't even address the medical services they offer.

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07/24/2013 6:23AM
How Important?
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