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Historic Preservation Is Slow

Historic Preservation sounds pretty good on paper, but the paperwork required to get it done is pretty daunting.  Myszak and Associates are working to not only make the old Vincennes School Administration Building - you know the Clark Building to the really old people in town - a useful structure again, but to also preserve many of the features of the original structure.  The plan is to turn it into energy efficient senior apartments.  The group is also going to refurbish Adams Coliseum.  It won't change it into anything.  The plan there is to return it to it's original shape and use it as a basketball court and community event center.

But all this preservation work will probably cost more money than original construction so developers need Historic Tax Credits to help pay for the additional expenses.  Take it from a guy who has done that - with help from Andy Myszak.  Getting those credits take a lot of detailed work and the credits received don't cover the additional costs - at least not in my small project.

Preservation has to be more than an accounting trick.  It has to have some love behind it.  The preservation planned along Sixth Street will require a lot of planning, a ton of skilled labor, and truck loads of money, but to really get it done right it will require love.  And the guy for that -  Andy Myszak (and his associates).  Sure they plan to make some money on the project, but there are easier ways to do that.  Good luck Andy.  I will be first in line for the tour when it's done.

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09/17/2013 6:24AM
Historic Preservation Is Slow
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