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His Part of the Deal

The Vincennes Community needs to thank the VU and Good Samaritan Hospital powers for getting enough "umpth" behind the city's efforts to get the Gimbel Corner clean up started.  We need to thank the City of Vincennes for keeping at it.  Travis Tarrants did the right thing and gave up the property so the clean up work could begin prior to the completion of an expected long run in the courts.  It won't be done before LHS Homecoming toinght, but there is progress.

What do we owe Travis?  Nothing really.  He's going to get plenty.  Within days of giving up the 2nd and Main property Travis got new sidewalks and concrete repairs done at the Pantheon Theatre property at 5th and Main.  The City trucks and employees weren't out there to watch.  They were part of the "trade".  Just a little horse trading.  2nd and Main to the City of Vincennes for:  #1.) Sidewalks and concrete work at the Pantheon.  Number two and beyond?  Don't know, the city hasn't been exactly transparent on the whole deal yet, but whatever it is (and there will be more), it is worth it.

2nd and Main gets cleaned up and maybe sold for development.  5th and Main gets the sidewalks and concrete work that it needs.  The city - and our pocketbooks - get to save money on the long legal process that would have dragged on and on.  And we can get on with it - whatever IT is.

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09/21/2012 5:25AM
His Part of the Deal
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