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Here's a Good Idea

Let's put this right up front:  The folks at the Vincennes Post Office are generally hard working and work under constraints they sometimes have no control over.  A couple of them are also really funny and the man that delivers my mail at home looks a little weak but hauls tons of mail each year and I'm sure is in way better shape than me.

With that being pointed out, the announcement that the Postal Service will stop Saturday regular mail delivery in August as a cost saving measure is long over due and should be done the day after tomorrow.  Why wait until August when this should have been done years ago?  Why not take care of the other obvious cost savings measures that will evenually have to take place like closing little bitty post offices in little bitty communities?

Why not move the post offices to Walmart?  Just about everybody ends up there anyway.  Doesn't Walmart have thousands and thousands of trucks that go from store to store every day?  Throw the mail on those trucks, sort it in the back of Walmart, and have the delivery people start their routes from the local Walmarts - they are open 24 hours a day, have good parking, and are centally located in most communities.  Doesn't Walmart handle billions of dollars?  They could sell money orders and stamps at the check out stations faster than anyone.  Doesn't Walmart know how to squeeze a buck?  Something any governmental - excuse me "quazi-governmental" agency doesn't seem to know how to do.
The one problem with the great idea - offered by Dave Young the (smart) morning guy on WZDM 92.1 fm and  The Postal Unions.  Woops.  Nevermind.  Couldn't possibly work.  Let's just keep losing Billions of dollars llike the rest of the government.

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02/07/2013 6:21AM
Here's a Good Idea
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