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Helpful Neighbors

I spend some of my time travelling through Southern Illinois.  Not much population and fewer trees on the weekly trip to Fairfield.  Had a flat tire yesterday on the highway between Albion and Mt. Carmel and learned a lot about the neighbors and maybe a little about myself.  I was going to make the change by myself.  I was going to have to because there was no cell phone service at that spot along route 15, but I couldn't find the jack.  I'll read the van's book.  Discovered it didn't HAVE a book, but had a DVD.  Now THAT seemed very unhelpful until I figured out the van had a DVD player.  While figuring out how to use the DVD player a truck pulled up.  There was 88 year old Car ready to help.  He was about as old as my dad but looked like he could wrestle with those wheel nuts way better than me.  He also had a come-along.  While we were working on the project, another truck pulled up.  It was Dick from Grayville.  I knew it right away since his truck was a tow truck labeled "Dick's Auto Repair of Grayville" and his jacket?  Carhart with a "Dick's of Grayville" emblazoned above the pocket.  Dick took over and proved I would never have gotten it done.  No only did he have a bigger come-along, he knew the spare was hidden under the front of the vehicle and that you had to remove the console in the front to release it.  Dick did the work, refused any money and sent me on my way.

If you ever need work done in southern Illinois remember Dick's of Grayville.  Very neighborly.  If you every get stopped on Highway 15 remember there are more of them out there than Carl ready to help.  And if you don't have one, get a come along.  Everyone seemed to have one but me - though they were willing to share.  Thanks Carl and Dick.

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01/30/2014 6:26AM
Helpful Neighbors
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