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He's Out There

Give Vincennes City Parks Director Steve Beamon some credit.  He is out there every chance he gets telling the story of a new Rainbow Beach Pool.  Yesterday's appearance before the Knox County Library Board was just one in dozens of speaking engagements he has been invited to, invited himself to, or just shown up at to promote the proposed pool.
Right now the old Rainbow Beach is closed and will remain closed.  It has served us well, but has out lived its useful life.  A new pool has been designed, but there isn't money in the budget to build it.  It will take a bond issue - borrowing money paid back with taxes.  Current state law requires local citizens vote for tax increases.  The vote is May 7th.  Registered voters within the Vincennes city limits will vote Yes or No on the project.

Back to Steve.  If he has his way, we will vote with all the facts.  Steve has done a remarkable job with a small budget during his tenure as Parks Director and his campaign to inform the public about the pool has - and will be just what it needs to be.  Professional and informative.

Look at the material posted at the library.  Listen to Steve when he comes to your organization.  Invite Steve to speak.  He will get you all the facts.  You'll then be able to decide how you vote on May 7th.

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01/16/2013 6:19AM
He's Out There
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