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He's Given Us a Timeline

Travis Tarrants appeared on WAOV's Knox County Today yesterday to give his side of the story about the status of the Pantheon Theatre and now the Gimbal Bond property at the other end of Main Street. As most of you know, Tarrants or his not for profit entities now control both properties.  One a huge rennovation project and one a huge hole partially filled with rubble.  It should be noted than Tarrants did not cause either problems, but he's got them now.

One of the most interesting things said in the appearance was that a builder-developer would be in Vincennes "Monday or Tuesday-ish" to maybe get the ball rolling on cleanup and development.  It's the "ish" that leads to concern.  As in any rennovation the "ish" factor comes into play a lot.  There's always an issue about something that wasn't supposed to be a problem.  And those problems always cost money.

Tarrants can't just issue checks for the multi-million dollar rennovation costs on the Pantheon and most likely doesn't even want the 2nd and Main rubble pile, but he's got them both so he better get on with a plan that shows progress or he will remain one of the most maligned personalities in town.

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08/07/2012 7:47AM
He's Given Us a Timeline
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