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Happy Monday! Consider a Monday morning promotion

Happy Monday!  Is that odd to read/hear?  Monday's are typically the day most people dread.  Mondays occur every week after a the weekend.  It's the start of another week.  You've got to adjust back to your work schedule. 

A simple change in attitude can make Monday's the very best day for your business.   Happy Monday!  Take the pressure off of Monday by planning your Monday on Friday afternoon.  Monday's present themselves with new opportunities.  I've often heard sales people state that they wait until Monday afternoon before making sales calls....does this make sense to you?  By Monday afternoon I typically know what most of my schedule looks like for the entire week.  If you start planning your Monday mornings by Friday afternoon you could come into work stressfree...if you start making sales calls on Monday morning you could be on your clients calendar early in the week. (This is true in every type of business)   With a little planning you too could have a HAPPY MONDAY!!!

If you want your doors full of prospects or your phones ringing on Monday mornings.  Start a Happy Monday promotion.  Do something special every Monday.  Maybe everyone that enters your store on Monday mornings receives a discount or a prize.  (This morning my email box was filled with messages....the one that caught my eye was a buy one - get one free offer from was only good for Monday.)  My first thought was "Happy Monday to me!"  Consider promotions that could make your phones ring or your businesses be full on Monday morning.  Lot's of business on Monday could lead to a fabulous week! 

Stop dreading Monday mornings and do something amazing with them.  Make every Monday a Happy Monday!! 

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01/13/2014 10:48AM
Happy Monday! Consider a Monday morning promotion
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