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Green Spaces

Have you had a chance to check out the German American Plaza in Downtown Vincennes?  When German American bought the property at 3rd and Busseron the building had outlived its usefullness and while they could have paved the whole thing, they didn't and the result is very nice.  The block at the corner of 6th and Vigo - owned by Good Samaritan Hospital is also coming along as a great green space.  While holding the block for future expansion, GSH could have left it as it was, but they didn't and now a couple of years after planting grass and trees, the place looks great.

There are still holes and they will not likely be filled with buildings to match the old structures now in use downtown.  But whole says we have to have a downtown that looked just like it did in the 40's.  We don't dress like they did in the 40's.  We don't drive cars made like they did in the 40's.
Maybe the downtown will have a bigger draw with some more green space...

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12/06/2012 6:17AM
Green Spaces
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