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Grass Roots Action

When Franklin Elementary School parent Nicki Corey came before the Vincennes School Board last night she demonstrated one of the most positive reasons why Vincennes is a good place to raise children.  She cooly talked about the safety of school children and believes that some sort of connector between the two Franklin Elementary buildings should be built.

She didn't ask for money.  She asked permission to raise money from the community - mostly probably from parents and grand parents - to pay for the connector.

We sometimes sit back and grouse about "everyone wanting a hand out".  Not this time.  Nicki and the group of parents are those people that act on there concerns.  Good for them, but it's not really their responsibility.  It's the School Board's.

But there are problems with that.  Franklin Elementary is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its construction and when it was built one of the big safety worries was getting kicked by the horses that pulled the school wagon.  The so-called new building is older than almost every other school building in Indiana.  It was built long before we worried about the things we must worry about today.

What we really need is a new, up to date, safe, and efficient elementary building for the city schools.  We need to begin the process now so we are ready when the High School is paid off in a couple more years.  We need it situated on the High School-Middle School campus and we need to be like Nicki and parents like her.  We need to just do what it takes.
Between now and then what do we do about saftey concerns at Franklin?  Fence off the area between the two buldings and make sure the kids wear coats when they run between them.  Don't put a bunch of good money - no matter how it's raised - after bad. 

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02/26/2013 6:25AM
Grass Roots Action
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