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Governmental Intervention

There's all this talk about changes in the health care system in our country.  Proposals to change (lower) reimbursements for medical procedures done at rural hospitals (ours included).  There have been announced changes in how much pollution coal fired power plants can put into the air - so many changes that some say coal fired power plants will be a thing of the past.  We are surrounded by such plants and mine millions of dollars worth of coal.  Hundreds of local jobs may be affected.  It seems that every where you turn government is telling us what we can and can't do.

Day in and day out there are more regulations.  I just hope nobody from the government gets a jelly filled donut from Jay-C Supermarkets.  Raspberry, Cherry, and Lemon jelly filled donuts are so full of filling that you can barely eat them without a spoon.  If those "must-changers" get a hold of one of those beauties, there will be regulations passed immediately requiring a warning about those donuts.

We need to band together and make sure we eat them all each morning before any governmental watch dog goes to work.  That's the way we do things around these parts.  We band together and fight for what we want and what's right.  One more push on the filling machine Denny.  Just one more push!

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09/24/2013 6:25AM
Governmental Intervention
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