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Posted: Wednesday, 27 November 2013 7:05AM

Good Samaritan Hospital Approves 2014 Budget

(Vincennes, IN)  --  The Good Samaritan Hospital Board approved it's 2014 budget last night. The budget calls for a 5.7 percent increase for all departments together. Chief Financial Officer Jerry Stump said he expects gross revenues to top out at just over 534-million dollars.
    Several departments have experienced growth over the last year including the hospital's rehab department which is expected to grow just under 13 percent in 2014. The hospital is also expecting an 18 percent increase for physicians because so many have been added. Hospital CEO Rob McLin said with the Affordable Care Act, everything healthcare related is up in the air and the fact there's growth is exciting...

    Also included in the budget is a 2 percent increase for all hospital staff excluding physicians and also 7.8 million dollars in free healthcare for the community. The budget also calls for a 7.6 percent increase in hospital rates. However, Stump said GSH's rates are 16 percent lower than average for the size of the hospital.

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