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Good Line

On the WZDM news today Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum talked about the long drawn out Second Street project.  The way it has been explained is that it's supposed to be a real re-construction of the street much like Sixth Street was done a number of years ago.  It's not supposed to be a quick patch and repave job our city seems to do most of the time.  There is even a rumor that the curbs will be replaced.  Wow!

The project is moving at a snail's pace.  It has spanned two city administrations (at least) and engineering firm after engineering firm.  It's cost hundreds of thousands of dollars already and we've nothing to show for it.

The mayor assures us it will be finished under his watch.  He seems like a trustworthy guy so when he said "...The Indiana Department of Transportation says complete one project before you ask for more money..." we're behind him.
Second Street needs a lot of work.  There is money allocated for that project.  The plan is to do the work right.  And while that money might be reallocated and spread across town to take care of a lot of quick fixes, those fixes will not last as long as a job done right on Second Street.  Sixth Street and Hart Street improvements of the last few years were done correctly.  They are still good and will remain that way for a long time.  Quick fixes like Veterans Drive a few years ago are not better than they were when "fixed".  No curbs.  No proper drainage.  Not wide enough.
Keep working to "do it right" Joe.

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03/22/2013 6:21AM
Good Line
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