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Going Through the Motions

Most of us go through the motions on a number of things.  Picking up the living room each evening.  Being polite to people we don't particularly like.  Smiling when we really feel like frowning.  Government does the same thing.  City Council for example goes through three votes on the same item because it's required.  Most of the time, whatever the vote is on the first reading is how it will play out, but there is always the second and third vote.

The Knox County Parks Department has to do a state mandated master plan every five years and they admit they've been going through the motions on filling out the form for years.  But this year it's different.  This year they are not just going through the motions, but building a real master plan.  You and I can participate in a public survey linked from our web site here to the county park's site.  Take some time and do it.  It's nice to see someone NOT just going through the motions.

And remember Gregg Park is not a Knox County Park, but a Vincennes City Park.  Maybe one of the things they should shoot for in the Knox County Park's new master plan is differentiating the county parks from the city parks. 

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09/25/2013 6:17AM
Going Through the Motions
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