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Getting the Cart Before the Horse - Maybe...

Meeting with contractors in an effort to pick one to build the new Vincennes city pool - excuse me - "water park" will take place today (2/19).  Businesses will sell themselves to the parks departments technical committee.

Since there is not nearly enough money available from the city for the project right now and no way to pay for a new pool - excuse me - "water element", without a bond issue voted by Vincennes citizens in May could it be said the parks department is getting the cart before the horse?  Maybe, but isn't that how we do most things?

We generally shop for a house and then get a loan.  We look for a car and then usually figure out the financing.  Why should the park people do anything different?  The planning now will speed the project should it be approved in May.  Without such planning, the city would be without a pool - excuse me - "family water entertainment location" - for a second year.

What will happen with the bond vote in May?  Don't know.  But the city will be ready with a well thought out plan and that's a good thing.

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02/19/2013 6:18AM
Getting the Cart Before the Horse - Maybe...
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