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It will be interesting to see what becomes of gambling in Illinois. There's talk now that we could have legalized online gambling. Senate President John Cullerton says it could add hundreds of millions of dollars to the state's treasury. There's also talk of expanding gambling in other ways in the state, which the Governor has said no to. Hutsonville is also pondering allowing gambling through video poker machines in the village.

It is easy revenue. If there's gambling available, people will take advantage of it. Ask Las Vegas and ask any casino if they're making any money at gambling. The extra money is incredibly tempting, especially considering the financial state of the state.

In Hutsonville, they're weighing the moral costs of allowing gambling and that's a very fair thing to do. There are measures in place to keep you from losing too much in a day, but that still might be too much for some people to lose. They're doing the right thing by having a public hearing June 12th to see if the public wants the village to allow gaming.

For me, allowing gambling online or in Hutsonville really isn't going to change my life. I'm not a gambler now and allowing it isn't going to turn me into a gambler. This is probably true of a lot of other people too.

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05/16/2012 8:55AM
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