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"My Town and Yours"

  "My Town and Yours"  Thoughts and  Observations of Mark Lange

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Visited my father in Atlanta to celebrate his (87?) birthday early and Missed the big snow last Thursday and Friday.  headed south just as the ice began to fall on Thursday and drove back on Sunday.  Without having all of the facts, my first impressions of our town was that #1.) we really did get a lot of snow and #2.) myabe we should consider having the guys and gals who clear business parking lots clear the streets.

I know there are all sorts of liability issues and the price may not be right, but the results were easy to see when coming into town.  When you need employees and customers at your business you make a huge effort to get rid of the snow.  When you don't need all your employees or customers at your business you don't make that effort.  I have been told a number of times that government is not a business.  Correct and the first view of town after the big storm proved that.

Now, I've got to go to get the shovel out and get my parkling lot and sidewalk cleared.

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12/09/2013 5:21AM
First View
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