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  "My Town and Yours"  Thoughts and  Observations of Mark Lange

First Impressions

The wife and I drove back and forth to St. Louis this past weekend.  Believing that the Interstate Highway system is still an experiment, we took US 50.  You know, Lawrenceville, to Olney, to Flora, to Salem, etc.  About a dozen towns in all.  What did we see on such a route?  We saw towns that look and feel much like our town at this time of year.  It is not very pretty.  This is the season where our communities look like most of us do right after we get up in the morning.  Everything is exposed in the bright light of the morning - and it doesn't look good.

This is a good time for citizens and leaders to note what the curb appeal of our town looks like to visitors.  No leaves covering the run down and poorly kept buildings and infrastructure.  No flowers grabbing our attention away from the dirt along the curbs - where we have curbs.  Nothing to smooth over the wrinkles.

Why would we take such a route knowing every town along the way would look just as depressing?  It's a lot more likely we'll see hawks along a two lane highway than along an interstate.  And yesterday we counted fifteen.

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01/20/2014 6:25AM
First Impressions
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