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When you Google Curt Coonrod, here is what you get:

"CURTIS L. COONROD, CPA. Mr. Coonrod is a certified public accountant whose practice involves services to Indiana local governmental financial management."

When Knox County taxpayers think about Curt Coonrod, many think something else - something a bit more emotional and much more negative.  Last night the night the Knox County Council officially cut ties with the consultant who has billed us hundreds of thousands of dollars for telephone conversations, little documentation, and bills that the County Commissioners have refused to pay. 


As this blog has presented in the past, if you and I would have ever submitted one single bill to Knox County with the lack of detail that Coonrod seems to specialize in we would have been fired and not paid.

It took a couple of years, but finally the County Council decided to stand up to Coonrod's threats of suit and cut bait.  There will be a suit - that's what Coonrod has done in the past to other counties.  There will be additional cost to the county to either defend itself or pay off the guy or both, but the time to stop has long passed and the county needs to get rid of this guy no matter what.

The Council and Commissioners will meet in executive session tomorrow to discuss litigation and the easy money is that it will be about a law suit threatened by Mr. Coonrod.  Settle or fight, but get it done AND learn some lessons.  If we don't learn about following the system and checking references - carefully - then it is REALLY a governmental failure.

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08/14/2013 6:26AM
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