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The computer incon that lets me get into the program to post this blog each time all of a sudden starting asking me for a password eventhough I had asked that it be programmed to not require such nonsense.  I have enough trouble remembering my phone number or what to pick up at the store on my way home.  Remember my password to my Blog?  No way.  And the password person here at decided it was time to teach the old man a lesson.  Not only did I not get an answer to my email asking for my password for the umpteenth time, the incon remained locked even after pleading it be unlocked.

So this morning I just started putting in user names and passwords and finally got them both.  I'm guessing I am a prime target for identity theft if I can figure out what my user name and password is.  The good thing is I have never activated my pin for an ATM withdrawal and still pay most of my personal transactions with old fashion cash.  There are no passwords for cash.

Tomorrow?  Probably won't be a blog because I will have forgotten the username and password again.

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05/21/2013 6:17AM
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