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Finally - They're Talking

The Knox County Commissioners and members of the Knox County Council are reported to have scheduled a meeting to talk about accountant Kurt Coonrod's relationship with the county.  Coonrod is an Indianapolis accountant that seems to specialize in working with governmental agencies on how to work with governmental agencies. 

The Commissioners who manage the county's money seem unsure that the cost of the advice and how the services are documented.  The County Council members seem to believe they need the advice from Coonrod and and don't seem publically worried about the documentation - or lack of it.  These differences have been brewing for months - maybe longer and the "he said - they said" exchanges have not resolved the situation which now stands at a large outstanding bill Coonrod says he is owed and the Commissioners have tabled meeting after meeting.  Council still uses Coonrod's services and it is assumed the bill is rising. 

Coonrod says he'll sue for the money.  The Commissioners say they are not worried.

Now there is a scheduled meeting between the Commissioners and Council to settle the whole thing.  Let's hope they do.

If I sent a bill to the Commissioners asking for a lump sum for "services" they would not pay it either.  They would demand a specific detailed list of services, broken down by who got the services and what those services were and the County Council wouldn't just use my services without a budgetted appropriation.  Or if I sent a bill to - for example VU, they would demand a purchase order number and a detailed invoice.  That's how business works. 

Why Curt Coonrod is supposed to get special dispensation because he is from Indianapolis and demands the money just because he says is beyond me.  What's good for the rest of us should be good enough for Mr. Coonrod.

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07/16/2013 6:21AM
Finally - They're Talking
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