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Feeling blue? Get moving!

We have all woke up and said "yuck, I'm not sure how I will make it through this day."  When this happens you have 3 options.  Let it ruin your day, go to the doctor or make the most of it.  If you are not feeling well...look in your closet, find your brightest outfit or tie.  Take a little extra time getting ready...look amazing.  When you look amazing you will naturally feel better.  Get your day going!   Most people naturally feel better once they are up and moving.  Fake an extra "pep in your step."  Start your work day with tasks that make you feel accomplished.  If you are still feeling bad by all means go to the doctor.  Long term illnesses can take you out of your game and negatively effect your company.  Your customers and fellow employees depend on you!  Frequently...faking it until you feel better makes your feel better.   

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01/10/2014 9:09AM
Feeling blue? Get moving!
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