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Enough is Enough

Enough is enough already.  It seems like its been years since we have been waiting for the final list from the Corps of Engineers listing the required Vincennes Levee repairs.  In defense of the Corps, Vincennes Water Utilities asked that the list be held as long as possible and then scrambled to begin the repair projects up and down the levee.  It was a pretty smart move by local officials.  It has bought us a lot of time to work on the project and to spread out the cost.

The Vincennes Levee is probably the most important part of the local infrastructure.  While the sewer system or fire and police protection are very important, there wouldn't BE a Vincennes without the levee.  Maintaining it is an on going effort so it can pass the required federal inspections or we can't get certain kinds of grand money, our local insurance rates would reportedly go much higher, and as a worse case, the community would flood.

Once the list of needed repairs arrives, the city has two years to complete the items on the list.  Let's just get the list and get going.  The whole Christmas wait thing is over.  We shouldn't have to wait any longer for official word on the Levee.

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01/09/2014 6:20AM
Enough is Enough
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