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Dr. Phil

A lot of people will say and print a lot of things about Phil Summers who passed away over the weekend and I can probably add nothing new to the conversation.  But I'll take a shot anyway.

     Dr. Phil was not an MD but he fixed a lot of educational problems and added to a lot of people's individual success.

     Phil was not Phillip to almost anyone I know.  He was Phil - or Dr. Summers.  Why call a man of his stature "Phil"?  Because he made you feel comfortable enough to call him by his first name.

     Most of us know that Dr. Summers was a strong cheerleader for VU, for individual success, for The Miss VU program, and for the Red Skelton Museum.  But did you know he was an expert parade judge?  Yep.  Ask the folks at Indiana's biggest parade - the Linton Freedom Festival Parade.  Phil has been judging that parade for years.  In fact some of his grandkids seemed to grow up at that parade.  Phil was also a pretty funny guy - not just a few pre-program stories, but about a lot of everyday things.  And Phil had the knack of making you feel important.  He seemed to really care about what you offered.  He may not have always agreed, but you felt like he was really listening.

     By today's standards Phil died pretty young, but he got a whole bunch done in that short time.  Always efficient.  That was Phil Summers.

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09/30/2013 10:36AM
Dr. Phil
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