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Don't Waste A Second

The City of Vincennes has finally gotten enough court support to take bids to tear down the Executive Inn building and is moving ahead with the project, but officials better not waste a second.  Follow the law, but make sure it is started as quickly as legally possible.

While the owners have the legal right to appeal, an appeal will just cost both sides money and the result will be the same.  We will never walk through the doors and see the beautiful restuarant area, meet with family, friends, and business associates for a lunch at the buffet.  We will never attend a reception or party in one of the meeting rooms.

Most of us never spent a night there, but a lot of visitors we know did.  No more.  Time to keep those good memories of when the Executive Inn was a beacon of growth for Vincennes as memories and time to erase the fact that the dark hull of the building remains as a current reminder of that fact that time passes.

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12/18/2012 6:19AM
Don't Waste A Second
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