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Don't Say You Didn't Have A Say

Citizens in the North Knox School District and within the Vincennes City limits will have a chance to have their opinions counted on two important issues.  The North Knox School Board has chosen to build a new Gym and associated space at the High School, but because there were enough signatures against the project, a Petition Campaign will get underway shortly.  Folks within the district will get to sign petitions either for or against the project and whoever gets the most qualified signatures will have their way.  If more people sign for the building project, then it will happen.  If more people sign against the building project it won't happen - at least for a while.

Citizens of the City of Vincennes will have a chance to actually vote at the polls in May with one simple question on the ballot:  Do you want a new Rainbow Beach Pool (and the taxes that go with it)?  Vote "Yes" and the Vincennes City Parks Board will build a new pool.  Vote "No" and they won't be able to borrow the money to get it done.
There is a lot of talk around the county about both questions.  And if you qualifiy for one or the other, make sure you let your feelings be known where it counts - on the petitions or at the polls.

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01/30/2013 6:19AM
Don't Say You Didn't Have A Say
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