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Don't Just Blame Coonrod

First off - Good Riddance.  Knox County doesn't need to work with Indianapolis financial expert Curt Coonrod anymore and won't (many hope) ever again.  Various organizations and businesses within the county will fork over $100,000.00 to keep Coonrod from pressing a suit for twice that amount in what many people believe are undocumented billings to the county.  The county's share will be $37,000.00.  The rest will be paid by the County Redevelopment Commission and Duke Energy.  There is a strong argument that the remaining $63,000.00 is county citizen's money too, but that's for another time.

It's easy to blame Coonrod for the whole thing, but there's plenty of blame for county office holders too.  If you or I sent an undocumented bill for anything to the county, there would be an immediate return of the bill asking for documentation including who authorized the purchase and in many cases asking for data about when the purchase was approved or budgeted.  But for years - years, Knox County has forked over thousands and thousands of dollars to Coonrod for.....what?  We'll never really know.

Congratulations to the current group of commissioners and council members who finally - finally put an end to what might be described as financial bullying.

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01/15/2014 6:22AM
Don't Just Blame Coonrod
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