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Don't Forget the Curbs

Mayor Joe's plan to ask contractors to prioritize streets in need of paving may seem like asking a fax about how to improve the hen house, but I'm with him on this.  It seems that in the past, streets got paved based on who lived on the end of them.  They also got paved just before an election.

The "new" plan is to professionally prioritize which streets actually need paving the most and then start at the top of the list and move toward the bottom.  A couple of points: 

     1.)  We will never get to the bottom of the list, but you have to start at the top and try.

     2.)  Don't forget the curbs and drainage.  Too many of our streets have been paved without curbs and those streets fall apart much quicker than streets that are properly built and have curbs and drainage.

Street paving is much more about doing it right rather than doing it fast.  Now, if they would start paving at 6th and Busseron that would be just great.  Oh.  Fix the curbs too.

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02/14/2013 6:18AM
Don't Forget the Curbs
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