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Do We Need The Money? Sure.

The push for a Knox County Wheel Tax continues from the County Commissioners.  It's just a few bucks for most of us, but it' still a few bucks and those tend to add up when it comes to government.  Do we need the money to fix our roads and bridges?  Sure.  The lowering the weight limit on the much travelled Washington Avenue Bridge over Kelso Creek is the poster boy for the need.  The bridge is in so much need of repair that even Fire Trucks will have to stay off the bridge. 

The State of Indiana is delivering more street and bridge money with the new budget that begins next month.  Like the Vincennes Mayor and members of the County Council maybe we should wait on the Wheel Tax until we see how far the new state money goes.  The new money won't cover everything, but let's still wait.

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06/18/2013 6:17AM
Do We Need The Money? Sure.
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