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The Bicknell City Council was informed last night that it could use $64,000 in Cable Franchise income for the General Fund budget crisis.  How many meetings have they bickered about the budget when all they would have had to do is their home work and figure out if all the money they have in separate funds are in the correct fund?

It's kind of like when the Pizza Man comes and you have to dig under the couch cushions for the money...Oh you haven't had to do that?

Well, anyway, let's hope they look at each and every fund and figure out where the money should actually be and how it can or can't be spent.

You REALLY haven't ever had to dig for change?  Anywhere?

Can you imagine the money Congress could come up with by digging under the couch cushions of the Federal Budget.

Now THAT would be worth digging for!

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03/12/2013 6:16AM
Dig Deeper
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