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Did Yogi's shot cause a "boo-boo" at Assembly Hall?

     Ok.  I am an Indiana fan and was excited at the Hoosiers' win over Number 3 Wisconsin at Assembly Hall.  It had been a long time coming.  But did Yogi Ferrell's 3 pointer cause a "boo-boo" in Bloomington?  Some analysts think so.  After the win,  students stormed the court in Bloomington to celebrate-- and there's the rub...
     Some commentators feel the court storming was out of place.  They feel it is beneath the Hoosiers' dignity to storm the court over a regular season win over a single-digit ranked team.  Others say, why not?  Indiana is not on top anymore like it once was.  (Wait... should I feel a loss of dignity over that comment?) 
      Mike Greenberg says you should act like you have been there before-- especially if you are Indiana.  Just like many thinking people, I have mixed feelings on the issue.  On one hand, the upset wasn't totally unexpected-- IU is probably a NCAA Tournament team on the 6-7 seed line-- but on the other, they hadn't beat Bo Ryan since early 2007.  That even predated the Hoosiers' "bad old days" of 2009-11.
        Did I agree with the court storming?  Not this early in the conference year.  Save it for a conference title... after all, it is Indiana we are talking about...

                                That's my take...I'm Tom Lee

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01/15/2014 7:45AM
Did Yogi's shot cause a "boo-boo" at Assembly Hall?
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