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Cuts Come Home

If we thought the mandated across the board budget cuts were not going to affect us out here in the country, we thought wrong.  With the announcement that 4,000 civilian workers will be layed off one day a week at Crane the cuts have come home.

There are other cuts that are being made including cuts in the Indiana National Guard - also lay offs, but the Crane cuts will be felt locally first.  According to federal sources $35 Million dollars will be saved by cutting the hours at Crane.

How will that affect our towns?  We'll all feel it.  Will it ruin our local economy?  Nope.  We've had economic hits in the past - coal mine closings, droughts, factories closing, and while it has been rough, we have pulled up our boot straps and kept going.
Do we need the Federal Budget cuts?  You bet.  Do we need these specific cuts?  Don't know.  Do we want the cuts locally?  Of course not.  (Someone else needs to take the hit.  Someone from somewhere else of course.)  Is there some worry that the work these layed off workers do is important to our overall national security and safety?  We hope so, but one of the problems with across the board cuts is that vital activities may also be cut.

Will this get fixed?  Depends if our elected officials can actually get over their differences and work together.  Now THAT will be an important day.

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03/05/2013 6:19AM
Cuts Come Home
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