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Posted: Thursday, 16 May 2013 11:20AM

County Council Backs Coonrod

(Vincennes Ind.)  --  Knox County's financial advisor Kurt Coonrod came before the Knox County Council Tuesday night to clarify a bill he'd sent to the county for just over 20 thousand dollars.
    Recently, the commissioners delayed payment to Coonrod for his services and he came before the council to simply state that there isn't always a report for his services. According to council president Steve Thais, a lot of times, Coonrod bills for his time when giving financial advice.
    However, Thais said that over the last eight years, Coonrod has saved the council about 8.3 million dollars despite his annual fee being between 20 and 30 thousand dollars on average...

      There was some discussion about his fees being a little higher this year. However, Thais said the increase is attributed to extra work in the auditor's office at the request of Mindy Wessel. In the end the Council agreed to pay Coonrod for his work.

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