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Could We Get Another Factory Here?

Boeing is asking states to submit proposals to induce the aircraft maker to make its new 777X airplane in that state.  Fifteen states, including Indiana, are in the running.  What are the odds Indiana could get the plant and its over 85 hundred jobs?  Probably pretty good.  The state is very good state to do business in, wants the new plant, has a history of making incentives work for new plants, and has an industiral workforce.

Could we get such a plant around here?  Probably not.  85 hundred more jobs would be tough to fill, but Vincennes University would probably see direct benefits if the state got the assembly plant.  VU has been on the cutting edge of aircraft training and would fit right into the state's proposal unless the governor wants to suck up to the IVY Tech folks or maybe the "old gov" at Purdue.  And any plant that big would have satellite factories making parts.  We're pretty good at that around here.

I say go to it.  Offer them incentives.  Offer them tax breaks.  Bring on the jobs.  We need them.

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12/16/2013 6:21AM
Could We Get Another Factory Here?
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