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Convicted Killer Roger Drollinger Dies in Prison

The ringleader in the so-called Hollandsburg Valentine's Day Massacre in 1977 was found dead in his cell Wednesday morning at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle.

61-year-old Roger Clay Drollinger was found unresponsive by staff and was unable to be revived.

Internal Affairs investigators don’t suspect foul play.

An autopsy will be performed.

Drollinger was serving four life sentences for the February 14th, 1977 shotgun slayings of Gregory Brooks, Ralph Spencer, Raymond Spencer and Reeve Spencer in Parke County.

The only survivor of the massacre  was the victims' mother, Betty Jane Spencer.

Spencer, who passed away in 2004, testified against Drollinger and three accomplices and identified Drollinger as the ringleader.

Accomplices Daniel Stonebraker, Michael Wright and David Smith continue to serve life sentences at the Pendleton Correction Facility for their roles in the execution style homicides at Spencer’s rural Parke County home.