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Connected Under the Stars

The Knox County Parks Department has listened to the requests of users of the Camp Ground at Wabash Trails Park - can't spell it the way they spell it, but Mrs. Felton always said I didn't care to learn to spell.

Back to the County Parks....  With the installation of a Fiber Optic Internet connection through the park, campers will be able to stay connected while camping.  They will be able to surf to web sites showing beautiful areas of America.  They will be able to watch stars in the sky on their High Defination Monitors in their RV's - and TENTS too.  The new fiber optic line will make video calls to relatives clearer.
Or they could go outside their air conditioned mobile homes and look at a very beautiful setting of the park, look up to the sky and see real stars while lounging next to a crackling fire, and they could take their grandkids on a week of camping they will always remember - AND have something for those kids to do when Gram and Kids get tired of each other.

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12/19/2012 6:20AM
Connected Under the Stars
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