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Congratulations to the supporters of a new Rainbow Beach.  As you most likely know, the vote to borrow the funds for a new pool passed by a four to one vote.  Turnout was low as expected, but the support may have been a bit stronger than even strong supporters of the project believed would happen.

Now the Park Board needs to make sure the project is the best decisions on the details.  The vote said "Yes" to borrowing up to $3.8 Million dollars, but careful planning, private fundraising, and tough negotiations should bring the project in under that figure.  Let's shoot for that.

Parks Director Steve Beamon was the face of the project and worked his tail off getting the information out to the voters.  He did a great job.  Now he can take a breath, but only a short one - now his small staff must get Kimmel Park cleaned up after the flooding, keep up with the daily maintenance of the other parks, work with community groups getting programming in the local parks, AND work to get the project under construction.

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05/09/2013 6:20AM
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