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Confessions of a youth baseball league dropout

     Do you want to know what humiliation is?  I got cut-- yes, CUT-- from my 8 year-old youth baseball team.  It was 1975, and it was in the Connersville, Indiana Little League.  Now, let's be honest here... that hasn't been the case in many decades.  Thankfully, leagues have become a lot more inclusive in the years since.
     When it came to baseball, I was not talented at the age of eight.  I had a rough childhood as far as coordination goes, and to this day, I am still not really well-coordinated.  But these days, everyone gets a chance-- and that is a good thing.  Fortunately, the story had a good ending-- I discovered basketball a year later as a nine year-old, and played soccer and basketball in high school.   I was about as lost in basketball as I was in baseball, but they were patient with me and their patience paid off.
      My point is, it is good we have evolved to a point of including everyone in youth sports.  Now, there is a time that you have to make cuts for people who don't have the talent level, but that time is not when a kid is 8 years old.  After al, with a little training and a lot of patience, who know what that seemingly uncoordinated kid can do?  Maybe become a sports broadcaster for 23 years and counting???

       One more point here.  It is pointless not to keep score in youth soccer.   Vincennes Cub League keeps score and standings, and no one has suffered.  Now I AM a bit old school here.  The players keep score, the coaches keep score, and the fans keep score... Why not use scoreboards-- at least for the older ages-- U-10 and above?  I understand the concept-- the youth leagues aren't about winning first, they are about developing technique.  But winning does matter to the kids, and they know who won or lost on a certain day.  I have experience in both areas-- my son Jonathan has played soccer as a U-8 team that went about 500, played for a U-10 team that won one game; and in his second U-10 season, won more than he lost.  In all circumstances, I did not mind using a scoreboard to let players and fans know how much time and score was left.
Like I said, I get the point-- technique is king-- but Cub League keeps track, and now it's soccer's turn-- at least in the older levels.

                                                           That's my take-- I'm Tom Lee.


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07/01/2013 7:48AM
Confessions of a youth baseball league dropout
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