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Come On Man

You just knew that Mark Valdez would file an appeal in the razing order for the former Vincennes Executive Inn building.  He has.  Now it all storps - again, and the only thing that happens is that the lawyers continue to rack up billable hours.

Now the City will have to defend its position in front of another court.  It will prevail.  The City was not picking on the Executive Inn owners no matter how they feel about the process.

There comes a time when a building is not economically viable, but that is not what this case is about.  The case is about a public building and the safety of the people who may go into it.  Most Vincennes residents quit going into the Executive Inn building many years ago.  It was unsafe.  Even an untrained person could tell.  When people asked where to stay, they were pointed to other places in town.  When local people thought about locations for events, they picked other spots.  The "Exec" wasn't safe.

But when people driving through the area stopped and stayed they were at risk and may not have known it.  The City had a responsibility to step in.

When the City of Vincennes finally made it official, just about everyone sighed "at last" and thought the deal was done.  Time had passed and it was time to move ahead.  But this is The United States of America and that means lots of chances to get your story heard.  Court after Court.  And we're not at the State Appeal level.

Hopefully the judges in Indianapolis will rule quickly on the case.  Hopefully they will rule on the safety issues.  Hopefully the owners will not take that ruling to another court.  But they could.
Patience is short, but the City of Vincennes will get this done.  At least that's what many hope.

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02/27/2013 6:22AM
Come On Man
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