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City government, Trash, and Us

The meeting of the City Council's Service Committee is this Wednesday at 6 pm and the topic is the long discussed trash collection problem.  Of course its not a collection problem but a cost and a bright shiny object problem.  The shiny object - that cool one armed bandit lifting trash toes and dumping them into the big one person trash truck the city leased for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The cost issue - nobody in city government thought that "citizens" wouldn't cheat by putting un stickered trash into the closed totes.
Now they have to fix the problem and talking about it meeting after meeting eventually has to come to a head and this wednesday is the night.  Get out and make you stand know.  We're already paying our tax money for that cool truck which does pick up trash faster from totes that help the eliminate a lot of litter.  But since we'll end up paying more you might as well get your two cents in.

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03/18/2013 6:27AM
City government, Trash, and Us
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