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Christopher DeWitt

Christopher DeWitt came to Robinson in 1993 basically to marry  hometown girl Kelly Crouch. He almost immediately started working for WTAY in September & married Kelly in December. He is co-Owner with his wife of Kelly's Kiddy Kollege home daycare, pre-school.
Christopher also pastors a local church with an historic perspective. Mound Community Church in Jasper County is the site of the Burl Ives memorial. He has worked for WTAY/WTYE for a total of almost 10 years with a couple of breaks in between.

Christopher enjoys spending quality time with family & friends, baseball, collecting baseball cards & memorabilia & fishing when possible (although that doesn't happen often enough)

Christopher has been very active in the community serving as director of Wabash Youth Camp, Crawford County Election Judge, as well as several Pastoral Committees.