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Captain's Blog 022220.12 "Back Fron The Delta Quadrant"

After a long absence from the blogosphere I am making a return two months into the new year, and if the Mayans are to be believed the final year of all time. In the world of entertainment we said goodbye to an icon. Whitney Houston was laid to rest over the weekend. A beautiful woman inside and out with a large number of demons to battle that appear to have been more than she could handle. On a lighter note The Celebrity Apprentiace is now on and I have a few reasons to let me my geek flag fly for this seasons run.......George Takei, Lou Ferrigno, and Paul Sr., just those three make one hell of a line up and I am looking forward to the drama that will no doubt unfold. How long before we hear “don't make him angry, you won't like him when he is angry....” My question is will they be talking about Lou or Paul because if you have ever watched American Chopper Paul gets a little worked up, granted he doesn't turn green but he does turn a nice shade red as his blood pressure hits the roof.....Already Paul was referring to George a “Star Trek”, LOL.....Well until next time, set a course for the Neutral Zone Mr. Sulu warp factor one........

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02/22/2012 10:08AM
Captain's Blog 022220.12 "Back Fron The Delta Quadrant"
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