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Can't See the Progress Yet, But...

There were not very many people who thought there would be a future for the abandoned school buildings in downtown Vincennes, but there is more progress on the very real probability that there will be life after education at least for part of the complex.  Developer Andy Myzak got approval last night to make some exterior improvements to the former Administration Building on North Sixth Street and do the outside work on Adams Coliseum.  You don't go before the Historic Review Board unless you are making progress toward actual work, but it's still not a done deal.  Tax credit planning and approval from various governmental agencies on the local, state, and even national level are needed to make the building into a senior housing center, but Myzak has pulled this kind of project off in the past and is expected to do it again.

Some may be sad about the plan to tear down the former downtown location of Lincoln High School across Sixth Street from the former Administration Building, but with progress sometimes there must be collateral damage.  For my vote - which I don't get or deserve, the old LHS needs to go.  The historic value of the building is limited, its condition is poor, reuse is not feasible, and the green space and parking will be needed for a successful completion of the housing units and will look just fine.

The next couple of months will be very important to the completion of the project.  The developers should be able to pull it off and we're pulling for them.  Maybe one of those apartments has my name on it.  It's close to work...

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08/21/2013 6:22AM
Can't See the Progress Yet, But...
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