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Building your personal brand - Anything you do is everything you do!

When I meet with a customer I always think of their branding...I build it into campaigns and keep it in mind with each "call to action" or idea that I present.  

That also has me thinking about my brand.  What do friends, assiciates, prospects, customers and co-workers think of me?   Perception is each person's reality.  It's's almost like "you are what you  eat" or you "carma bites".  The reality is.....................

Anything you do is everything you do!

My point here is that branding is all about what you do. Even your most insignificant actions (according to your perception) has an influence on how others perceive you.

There’s also a case for negative in this regard, where a few tiny, insignificant actions over an extended period of time reaches tipping point and actually has a significant effect on your personal branding and perception by others.  Remember perception is reality.

While the written word is powerful, it is superseded by your actions. Actions will always speak louder than words.

So know who you are, what kind of brand you’d like to build and how your actions influences others’ perception of this.


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01/24/2014 9:53AM
Building your personal brand - Anything you do is everything you do!
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