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Build It and They Will Drive on It

It's always been funny to look at State Highway detours and guess at how many local folks actually take them as listed.  State (or some) law must require detours to be on the highways that are being closed.  State roads have to have detours on state roads.  Usually you just drive up to the closure look left and right a take a side street or road and go around the construction and let the non-locals or those folks that always follow the rules to take the 33 extra mile detour instead of the short drive around.

Sometimes its not that simple and it looks like the Monroe City road work scheduled to start next year on State Road 61 is one of those cases.  The main problem is the intersection at the south end of town called "Five Points".  It's really important and very busy and there may not be a simple drive around.

"We'll build a private road around the work ourselves," said some residents and they were told "NO!"  I have just one question:  If you drive on the grass and nobody cares have you built a private road or are you just driving on the grass?  We park on the grass.  Why can't we drive on it.  Nobody will care.

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09/12/2013 6:20AM
Build It and They Will Drive on It
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