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Brownfield - an Interesting Cover

I love the term "Brownfield Cleanup".  Governmental agencies love to toss it around.  For most of us it means nothing.  For all of us it should mean something - something important.  "Brownfield Cleanup" would be called "Pollution Problems" if we were to use regular words to describe the situation.  We think of pollution as a big city problem, but it isn't.  In Vincennes we're continually have such "projects" on the City Council agenda.  There are a number of areas of town that are polluted and without the city using "brownfield" money they would remain polluted.  But what about the folks that polluted the property?  Gone of course.  Bankrupted generally?  And many of them started over somewhere else and probably left their new community polluted too.

Those that pollute generally get away with it and government should take care of it as a last resort, but maybe we should have a damage deposit for business just like there are for renters.  Works for business.  Might work for government.

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12/10/2013 6:18AM
Brownfield - an Interesting Cover
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